Wallenstein Garden

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Wallenstein Garden, or Valdstejnska zahrada is probably the oldest palace garden in Prague. It
forms a part of the Wallenstein Palace, nowadays serving as the seat of the Senate of the Czech


Wallenstein garden was built in along with the construction of the palace during the years 1623–30 in the
early Baroque style.

statue in the middle of the pond
Garden is situated aproximatelly 10 minutes from our hostel. It is such a beautiful place, with gorgeous achitecture.


Wallenstein garden is well known for being a lovely and pieceful place in the centre of Prague.The garden is joined to the palace building by the highest Sala terrena in Prague – 30 meters. The walls of the Sala terrena are decorated by frescoes and stuccoes depicting Trojan wars by Baccio di
Bianco. The character of the decorations corresponds to interior decorations. Nowadays, many
concerts and theatre performances are held in the Sala terrena. After entering the garden from the palace, your attention might be drawn by to a large wall opposite the entrance. Although the first impression may be that you are looking at skulls, it’s actually a wall
decorated with artificial stalactites imitating a limestone cave or grotta. To the right of the cave you
can see an aviary house species of exotic birds.



Most of the statues and fountains that you see in the Wallenstein Garden are copies of the originals
made by the famous Dutch artist Adrian de Vries. These works of art were taken away as spoils of
war by the Swedish army at the end of the Thirty Years War. The copies were installed in the

a fountain in front of senate od czech republic
Also you can find here a peacocks, and other birds. Wallenstein garden much later, in 1912-1918. These statues represent heroes from Greek


The Wallenstein Garden covers an area of 1.7 hectares which includes a pond where you can feed
ducks. The pond was used for small boats in the past. Another copy of de Vries work, a marble
fountain with the statues of Hercules and Naiads, adorns the small island in the center of the pond.

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