The Narrowest Street in Prague

February 26, 2021 by charlesbridgehostel0

The Narrowest  Street in Prague

Prague‘s narrowest street at a mere 50cm is located in the Lesser town. This tiny street is so narrow, that it had to be equipped with traffic lights for the people not to collide. Probably two dogs could walk along side-by-side, but they would have to be very small dogs indeed. If you are square-shouldered or have a ‚fuller figure‘, you should definitely avoid entering the street, otherwise, you might run the risk of getting stuck there. The narrowest street is steep, full of stairs and doesn’t even have a name. It leads from “U Luzickeho seminare” street to the Certovka restaurant, which offers spectacular views of the Charles Bridge. If you are tempted to walk along the passage, please use the traffic lights, otherwise you may end up with an encounter with someone coming for the other direction that’s a little closer than you would like!


Don’t get stuck!

“One time, an extremely large German tourist got stuck”, the owner of the Certovka Restaurant remembers. “She couldn’t move up nor down the passage. The restaurant staff tried to push her back to the street, but without success. Finally, we had to soap her, so she would slide more easily. Needless to say that she decided to go somewhere else for lunch.”, the owner of the restaurant told us.


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