Old Town Square

The Old Town Square is one of those unique places which no lover of Prague historical sights should miss out on. It has always represented the most important part of the Old Town quarter of Prague. Prague’s oldest marketplace has always been situated in the very center of the city. In the past, it has been the site of many tragic and unfortunate events – it was here that 27 representatives of the anti-Habsburg uprising were executed after losing the battle of the White Mountain. And from the balcony of Goltz-Kinsky Palace, Klement Gottwald announced the communist party’s successful coup in February 1948.


Important Monuments

The Old Town Square covers quite a large area of 9000 m2 and is full of monuments originating from various historic areas. Two beautiful churches represent an integral part of the Square – the Gothic Cathedral of the Virgin Mary before Tyn, as well as the Baroque Church of St Nicholas. The square is an oasis for travelers wearied by Prague’s narrow streets. Aswell as the churches, tourists will admire the Old Town Hall with its famous Astronomical Clock, along withs its 70 m high tower offering a panoramic view of Prague. The dominant feature in the center of the square is the monument to religious reformer Jan Hus who was found guilty of heresy and burned to death in Constance in 1415. The square is surrounded by a number of other important buildings which offer visitors a rich cultural experience, for example the National Gallery in the Goltz-Kinsky Palace, the Gallery of the City of Prague in the House at the Stone Bell, among many others.


Old Town Square Today

Nowadays, the Old Town Square represents not only a favorite place for gatherings, New Year’s celebrations, Christmas and Easter markets, as well as a place for demonstrations. During important ice-hockey and football matches, large screens are installed and always draw huge crowds of fans.


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