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October 17, 2020 by charlesbridgehostel0

We congratulate you on choosing to spend time in Prague, a remarkable city known for its cultural
and historical sights, as well as its tradition of art.


The National Marionette Theatre entered the Czech theatre scene as part of the Via Praga Cultural
System on 1 June 1991, when it was established – in a unique and historically protected theatre
space called The Kingdom of Puppets built in the Art Deco style.


On the 20th of May 1929 the Worldwide Puppetry Organisation (UNIMA), was established. It has
become the world’s largest specialized non-government theatre organization associated with
UNESCO. In the repertoir of the theater it is possible to see a traditional puppet performance Don
Giovanni which was originally composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart specially for Prague – the
first night of this opera taking place in 1787.


Marionette theatre has been an extremely successful show for the over twenty years and has been seen by over
750,000 visitors not only in Prague but throughout Europe, Africa, Asia and most recently, at the
EXPO 2010 in Shanghai.
The original performance of marionette can be seen in Žatecká street, no 1, just a few steps from the
station Staromestska. You‘ll have a unique chance to experience the immortal music of Mozart and
at the same time adore the traditional masterpieces of the Czech marionetists.


Tickets are available
in the box office or also online at, a


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