Klausen Synagogue

The Klausen Synagogue is the only Baroque synagogue in Prague. The synagogue is situated in the neighbourood of the Ceremonial Hall. The complex consisted of three small houses, called “klausen” giving the Klausen Synagogue its name. The establishment of the synagogue was supported by Jewish Maecenas Mordechai Maisel who bought a large building lot in the proximity of the cemetery where construction started. The Klausen synagogue was heavily damaged by the fire in the Jewish ghetto in 1689. The present synagogue was built here in the early Baroque style in 1694. Initially, it was called the New Klausen School. In the middle ages it was considered to be the largest Prague synagogue, the second most important synagogue of the Prague Jewish community and the main seat of Prague burial-society.



The building was modified between 1882 and 1883 to the designs of the architect Bedřich Munzberger and other alterations followed after 1921. During the Nazi occupation the interior was badly damaged, but after the Second World War, extensive reconstructions were carried out during 1979-1984 and 1995-1996.


Klausen Synagogue Today

Nowadays it houses a permanent exhibition of Jewish Customs and Traditions. It is situated in the main nave of the building and highlights the significance of the synagogue and the importance of specific Jewish feasts. In the gallery you will find an exhibition devoted to the everyday life of the Jewish family and customs connected with birth, circumcision, bar mitzvah, wedding, divorce and the Jewish household.


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