Karlova street

Karlova street was formerly known as the Jesuits street. Since 1848, it has been named in honor of our outstanding ruler Charles IV. This street has always formed a part of the Royal Route and it connects the Old Town Square with the Old Town Bridge Tower. Many original Gothic and Renaissance houses can be found here, such as the Colloredo-Mansfeld Palace, House At the Blue Pike, At the Golden Snake, At the French Crown, the Schönfeld Palace. Nowadays many of them are used as shops.


The Golden Snake House

A very famous property, the Golden Snake house, probably housed the first café in the history of Prague. The delicious drink, which had been quite unknown till that time, coffee, was served here as early as 1714.


The Blue Pike House

Another interesting house in Karlova street is the Blue Pike house. In this house the first permanent Prague cinema was opened. It was established and owned by Dismas Šlambor, who was later known as Viktor Ponrepo. The first silent film played here on 15th September 1907.

Colloredo-Mansfeld Palace

In Karlova street you can also find the interesting Colloredo-Mansfeld Palace with its specific arcades and galleries dating back to 1735. The frontage of this building is decorated with sculptures made by Matyas Bernard Braun. The remains of the former Romanesque house have been preserved in the basement. The inner courtyard is adorned with a beautiful fountain with a Triton.

The Golden Well House

The last house which you simply musn’t miss is the Golden Well House. It also attracts attention because of its beautiful stucco decoration from the beginning of the 18th century. It was attributed to the sculptor Jan Oldřich Mayer. The top of the house frontage is decorated with the prone figure of St Rosalie, surrounded by roses. Also noteworthy are the statues of two Czech saints St Wenceslas and St Jan Nepomucký and the two Jesuit saints, the founder of the Society of Jesuit Order, St Ignatius of Loyola and St Francisco Xavier, as well as St. Sebastian and St. Roch.


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