Jubilee Synagogue

The Jerusalem or Jubilee Synagogue represents the most recently built, as well as the largest synagogue edifice, in Prague. However, it is situated outside of the Jewish Quarter, in the proximity of the Main Railway station and Jindrisska Tower in Prague.


The Jubilee Synagogue was built in 1905-06 in the Art Nouveau and pseudo-moorish styles to make up for demolished synagogues of the former  Jewish Ghetto. It acquired its name in honor of the 50th anniversary of the reign of Franz Josef I. Nowadays, services are held held mostly on Fridays and Saturdays. The synagogue contains 850 seats, and the side galleries are designated for women who also have their own separate entrance.


Beautiful Facade

The front facade of the synagogue is characterized by its large arch and its rosette-window with the Jewish star inside. The western facade of the synagogue bears both Czech and Hebrew inscriptions. On both sides of the entrance, the facade is dominated by two towers. The design of the synagogue certainly stands in the row of houses lining that street.


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