Josefov represents one of the historical towns of Prague as well as the smallest catastral district of Prague and was formerly the old Jewish ghetto. It is completely surrounded by the Old Town and this quarter is often represented by the flag of Jewish community with a yellow Magen David called the Star of David on a red field.


Jewish Quarter

Over the centuries more and more people were forced to live in the area because Jews were banned from living anywhere else. Restrictions on their movements and trade that they were allowed to conduct constantly changed. This quarter of Prague takes its name – Josefov – in honor of the Emperor Joseph II who accorded full citizens rights to the local Jewish inhabitants.


Important Buildings

With the exception six synagogues, the Old Cemetery and Jewish Town Hall, no other buildings remain from the former Jewish Ghetto, as during the 19th and the 20th centuries, the entire area was cleared. Today, mostly eclectic architecture is found here. When visiting the area of Josefov, you should not miss the Kafkas home, Maisel synagogue, Spanish synagogue, Klausen synagogue, Pinkas synagogue, Ceremonial Hall with the Old Jewish Cemetery.


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