Jan Hus Monument

In the middle of the Old Town Square, there is the rising monument of Master John Hus, the Czech thinker, religious reformer and the follower of the ideas of English church reformer John Wycliffe.


Jan Hus

Jan Hus was born in 1369 and was rector of the Charles University between 1402 and 1413. He criticized the frailties of the church, as well as the whole feudal society of that time. Among others, he simplified the Czech written rules and he wasn’t afraid to openly criticize the corrupt practices of the Catholic Church and the Papacy. For his ideas he was pronounced a heretic and burned to death at Constance in 1415. His beliefs were shared by the Czech nationalists, nobles as well as common people, and the Hussite wars in 15th century followed his dramatic death.


The monument of Master John Hus was created by the Art-Nouveau sculptor Ladislav Šaloun and was ceremonially revealed on the Old Town Square on the occasion of the 500th anniversary of his death, the 6th of July 1915. Ladislav Saloun drew inspiration from the famous works of the French artist Auguste Rodin.


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