Estate Theatre

The Estate theatre, or Stavovské divadlo, in Prague is considered to be one of the most beautiful European theatres built in the Classicist style. František Antonín, count of Nostic-Rieneck founded the Estate Theatre in 1781 in the accordance with the decree issued by the emperor Joseph II. 1783 saw the first performance here. The classical building by architect Antonín Haffenecker was altered many times during later years. Although it was supposed to be a Czech theatre, plays were performed in the German language. The first real stage play in Czech language was in 1785.


Important Artists

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart introduced his opera Don Giovanni here for the very first time in this very theatre on 29 October 1787 with the participation of Mozart himself. This great event is commemorated by a memorial plaque. Another first night of Mozart’s opera, La Clemenza di Tito, was played here during the coronation of Leopold II. The Estate Theatre has been associated with other great names, such as the leader of the theatre orchestra Carl Maria von Weber, singer Angelica Catalani, Niccolo Paganini, conductors Anton Rubinstein, Carl Goldmark, Gustav Mahler and many others.

Czech National Anthem

For the Czechs, the theatre is associated with one more important event; the first performance of the comedy Fidlovačka on 21 December 1834. Its authors Josef Kajetan Tyl and Frantisek Skroup couldn’t have known at that time that one of the songs from this comedy “Kde domov muj?” (Where Is My Home?) would become the Czech national anthem.


Estate Theatre Today

If you want to enjoy the atmosphere of this venue where so many great people have performed, the Estate Theatre in Prague offers a rich programme of operas, dramas and ballet. Mozart Operas use to be performed here during summer seasons.Who knows, maybe you’ll see a future world famous star.


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