Ceremonial Hall

Jewish Ceremonial Hall of the Burial Society which is the famous mortuary for the Old Jewish Cemetery stands in the Josefov, the Jewish district of Prague. The complex was built in the neighbourhood of the Klausen Synagogue between 1911 and 1912 by architect František Gerstel. It was concieved as a small romantic Romanesque chateau. Today the building houses one of the Prague Jewish Museum exhibitions. This Ceremonial Hall represents one of only a few original buildings from Prague’s old Jewish district. This hall was built in pseudo-Romanesque style and was used for various religious services and ceremonies, as well as a mortuary. On the ground-floor as well as on the upper floors of the Hall there is the permanent exhibition devoted to Jewish Customs and Traditions.


Ceremonial Hall Today

Nowadays this hall houses an exhibition of medicine, death and burial. The great rabbi and philosopher Judah Loew helped to establish the society and it once counted many leading lights of the community among its members. The displays include a few of the oldest tombstones from the famous Old Jewish Cemetery, china and silver used at social banquets, objects used during the ritual cleansing and dressing of the dead as well as series of eighteenth-century paintings depicting plenty of functions of the society.


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